Sunny Lau

I had a great experience working with Samson for my active rehabilitation on my knee. Throughout the whole session, Samson was very attentive to how my body was reacting to the exercises. If an exercise caused too much irritation to my knee, he would make the necessary modifications to decrease the discomfort. Also when an exercise was being done too easily, he would teach me the next progression to continually challenge me. From my experience, I can say that Samson is very passionate about his work and is knowledgeable in this field. During the exercises he provided me prompts and cues so that I can engage the correct muscles to perform the exercise in an effective manner. At the end of the session, he also gave me recommendations on how to incorporate what I learned and apply it to my lifestyle and routine. Overall, I found that the session that I had with Samson was very informative and beneficial. I would definitely recommend Samson to my family and friends who needs physical rehabilitation. Thank you for the work that you do!

Akash Kumar

I've worked with Samson and his team to restore function from previous injuries. Every session was filled with useful information for my everyday struggles. I've found a team that motivates me to train with purpose. Thanks for your wonderful service.

Ab abbby

After my accident i tried a few different studios but wish I had found Train With Purpose from the start. In the previous places I have been I have found them all to be very repetitive and did not see much progress. I have been seeing Samson for a year now and love how far I have come, I actually look forward to our sessions and leave feeling great every time. Samson loves what he does and it shows! He puts a lot of thought into your customized workout while making it fun. I love how he pushes me to try new things and explains everything in a way that makes it super easy to understand the first time (especially if you are new to working out) I have also started to see Ken for Physio and have nothing but great things to say. He listens very closely to what issues you are experiencing and is almost too good at finding your trigger points 😂 I am surprised every time to learn how different areas that are tight can lead to you having issues in a completely different area of your body. (It’s very interesting to learn) I appreciate how he follows up via email and sends you with some homework to do in between sessions. I would recommend anyone looking for a rehabilitation studio to give twp a shot!

Lenny Pallerstein

Kenneth was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I could instantly tell that he was passionate about what he did and genuinely wanted to help. The exercises he prescribed made my arm pain vanish within a week and allowed me to confidently go back to lifting heavy weights. I definitely recommend his services!

Google rating score: 5 of 5, based on 136 reviews.

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